What is Red Thread Lawn Disease and How to Cure It?

Since a long time, people generally tend to undertake diverse measures to avoid the varied variety of diseases which could harm the lawns. Among the diverse regarded garden diseases, the purple thread lawn ailment can now and again prove out to be severest and as a result consequences in killing the complete grass of the garden area. Therefore it’s miles endorsed to learn earlier approximately its symptoms and cures. This could assist you in tackling any destiny problems associated with this sickness.

Identifying the Disease

Before getting to know about associated factors of the red thread sickness, it’s miles in the main crucial to realize approximately its traits like shape, colour, and so forth. This sickness may be identified as a brown patch with reddish tinge positioned at any a part of the lawn. These patches at the affected region are normally observed in irregular shapes. Ironically, you may handiest completely identify the disorder once it reaches its extra superior ranges. When the pink fungus mycelium of the sickness eventually grows up to one/16″ to ¼” duration of the leaves, you may sincerely mark it as affected by the pink thread infection. This fungus then passes directly to some other nearby areas, and as a consequence impacts the entire plantation. It is also to be stated that the disorder also receives transferred from the lawn mower because the mycelium can effortlessly get unfastened and pass directly to the related regions.

The crimson thread lawn ailment is typically as a result of the laetisaria fuciformis / corticium fuciforme fungus. The temperature surroundings of the lawn also play a first-rate role in sickness occurrence. The garden with temperature among sixty five and seventy five stages Fahrenheit have more probability of having laid low with the sickness. The sickness in the main happens for the duration of the fall and spring seasons. During summers, the fungus may continue to exist up to 2 years.

The Cure

It is essential to study the curing suggestions of the sickness in any other case it may transfer the fungus from the inflamed blade of grass to the entire of grass. This can also in addition bring about killing the lawn grass. In order to prevent the onset of the disease, the following measures are endorsed-

· Since the garden with loss of nitrogen is more prone to the sickness therefore make certain to use a high exceptional fertilizer with adequate nitrogen percentage.
· A nicely drained garden helps in warding off the fungus of the ailment.
· During autumn, constantly aerate the garden via a hole spike garden aerator.
· Make sure to regularly put off the lawn thatches.
· However, if the ailment have already attacked a grass blade, you could prevent the unfold of crimson thread garden sickness with the aid of adopting the subsequent measures-
· Mow and burn the grass clippings gathered from the infected location.
· You also can use fungicides, especially all through wet weather. It is usually recommended to use fungicides that include carbendazim or benomyl.

Initially the purple thread ailment affects a blade of grass, which in addition gets unfold to the rest of the lawn location. Make sure to comply with the above referred to curing measures well in advance to prevent your lawn from perishing.

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